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1. How do I know what I can do in MyRA and what kinds of communications I will get?

A summary of MyRA Roles, Rights, and Communications can be found here.


2. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Your University of Pittsburgh computing account password can be reset here.


3. I only have a UPMC computing account. How can I obtain a Pitt account?

Since a Pitt account is required to use MyRA you can request a Sponsored Account. More information can be found here under Account Types.


4. My Principal Investigator is not selectable in the form that I am preparing. How can I add them?

Have a self-registration completed for the Principal Investigator.


5. My department is not selectable in the form that I am preparing. How can I add them?

Provide with the department name, school, and department number.


6. How can I delete an agreement that I’ve created?

While agreements cannot be deleted, they can be withdrawn by selecting the Withdraw action from your workspace. A request to discard the agreement can be made with the Office of Sponsored Programs. Once an agreement has moved to the active state, it cannot be withdrawn or discarded.


7. My Contracting Party is not selectable in the form that I am preparing. How can I add them?

On the Add Contracting Party page check the box in item 2. Add the Contracting Party name in item 3. Complete the remaining required fields and click OK.


8. Where can I find a copy of my active agreement in MyRA?

The active agreement can be found in the Workspace of your MyRA record.


9. How do I determine who the legal contact is for the contracting party?  Can I just add the name and contact information of the scientific collaborator I’m working with?

Before making your MyRA submission, please reach out to your scientific collaborator at the contracting party and ask them to identify the correct legal representative for their institution. Since the legal contact is the person with the authority to negotiate the binding terms of the contract on behalf of your scientific collaborator’s institution, it is rare for the collaborating scientist to have that legal authority. This legal contact person would be the person Pitt’s Office of Sponsored Programs would work with to negotiate contract terms. Identification of the correct person for negotiation is essential and if this information is not provided or is not accurate in a submission, processing of the agreement likely will be delayed.


10. How do I alert the Office of Sponsored Programs staff to a deadline date for my MyRA submission?

Any time constraints can be communicated by including a note in the free text “Additional Information” section at the end of each submission form, where you can also upload relevant attachments.


11. If I have both a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement simultaneously with a second agreement (such as a material transfer agreement or a data use agreement) from the same contracting party, should I make two separate MyRA submissions?

Before submitting requests in MyRA for two separate non-financial agreements, the Office of Sponsored Programs encourages investigators and administrators to reach out to their Office of Sponsored Programs officer in order to determine if both agreements are necessary. If both components are needed, it may be possible to streamline the process by combining both agreements into one single contract and one single MyRA submission.


12. I am a PI and I need to respond to a “Requests for Clarification” in MyRA. How do I do that?

Instructions on responding can be found here.


13. My submission is “On Hold for Ancillary Review”. What does that mean?

The Agreement is under review by a compliance department at the University and cannot proceed until that review is completed.


14. How can I tell who in OSP is working on my MyRA agreement?

The person responsible for the review of the Agreement at a particular point in time is noted as the “owner” in the record. This can be found in your Workspace.


15. What is a PI Proxy and how do I name one?

A PI can select individuals to act on their behalf in MyRA. This is called a Proxy. Please contact for assistance with creating PI Proxies. 


16. I received a MyRA notice stating that my agreement is “nearing expiration.”  I  want to extend it. How do I do that?

You can request an amendment in MyRA by following the steps outlined here.