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General Help

The Help area has been established to provide important information about accessing and using the MyRA application.

Funded Agreement Support

If you are looking for information related to the status of a funded agreement (grant or contract with external funding) or trying to submit a funded agreement for review by the Office of Sponsored Programs, please review the guidance provided at

If a funded agreement requires negotiation, the Specialist in the Office of Sponsored Programs will create a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) in MyRA to track the progress of the agreement’s negotiations and reference the SRA in the MyFunding Funding Award. Guidance on Sponsored Research Agreements in MyRA can be found here.

Log on Account Information:

In order to log in to MyRA you must have a University of Pittsburgh official username and password.  If you do not have or are unsure of your University of Pittsburgh username and password please contact your University of Pittsburgh department Pitt IT support person or call the University of Pittsburgh Help Desk at 412-624-HELP (412-624-4357).


The MyRA website uses the strongest encryption possible to protect user account and protocol information while in transmission over the internet.

Supported Web Browsers:

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the recommended browsers for using the MyRA application. 

Additional Help:

If you cannot log on to MyRA or have any other issue, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs by phone at 412-624-7400 or by e-mail at